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L’appartement 22,
279 avenue Mohamed V,
MA-10000 Rabat,
T +212663598288,
Ninar Esber at L’appartement 22
Exhibition from 6 March to 15 May 2008

L’appartement 22 invites Ninar Esber and organizes a meeting with the artist on 6 March 2008 at 19:00.

Exhibition from 6 March to 29 April 2008.

Sunday 6 April 2008

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L’appartement 22 invites Ninar Esber and organizes a meeting with the artist on 6 March 2008 at 19:00. It is the artist’s fourth night in Rabat. A specific project is produced as the result of this artist residency at L’appartement 22. Quatrième nuit (Fourth night) is the title of the work which we chose in reference to the fact that the artist began to experiment the night of 3 March at L’appartement 22. The 6th is the fourth night which is that of the work’s unveiling before the public. For the work Soleil #1 (Sun #1) (L’appartement 22), the artist paints two records of the sun in the physical space of L’appartement 22. The first trace was realized on the floor on 4 March at 14:00 (light entering from the window into the living space of L’appartement 22). The second trace was realized on the wall at 18:00, the time at which the sun illuminates the highest point possible in L’appartement 22’s exhibition space. The second artwork in the exhibition is Vous êtes… (You are…) (2005). It is a series of photographed self-portraits of the artist identified by different nationalities.

Artist biography:

Ninar Esber is an artist and writer. Born in 1971 in Beirut (Lebanon), she lives and works in Paris. She is engaged in a practice that implicates her body in performances or videos that play with a certain slowness at the limits of immobility where the ideas of waiting, suspense, and teasing find themselves confronted by architecture (walls, towers, promontories), by day-to-day objects (bookshelves, tables, chairs) or by contemporary mythologies (superheroes, pin-up girls…). The performance constitutes a decisive element (the scenes are filmed in real time and are not edited, each scene constituted as a performance executed in a single take). Beginning in 2002, she inaugurated a video journal following 1 minute long filmed sequences which include:1 min in Bangkok (DV, 2003), 1 min in London (DV, 2005), 1 min in Beirut (DV, 2005), 1 min in Beaubourg-Centre Pompidou (DV, 2005), 1 min in New York (DV, 2006), 1 min in Maroc, (DV, 2008).

L’appartement 22 is located at 279 avenue Mohamed V in Rabat (Morocco). T+212 (0) 63 59 82 88