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L’appartement 22,
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L’appartement 22’s residencies

Sunday 4 January 2009

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The space : L’appartement 22 is a private and cooperative space that provides artists and curators worldwide with the opportunity to live and work in Rabat. It is open to all artists upon application of a project proposal (in connection with the artistic direction of L’appartement 22’s College of curators).

Adress : L’APPARTEMENT 22, 279 avenue Mohamed 5, MA-10000 Rabat.

GPS location : latitude : 34,01742 north ; longitude : 6,84005 west.

Conditions : L’appartement 22 accommodates a limited number of residencies (2 to 4 per year). All residencies must involve projects specific to the space or taking the space as a starting point. L’appartement 22 is a private space, and each project is developed in mutual consultation between the resident (artist or curator) and the place. The financing of each stay or encounter is cooperative and involves the artist, the curator and the space, both with respect to the dissemination of the work, as well as for obtaining public or private funding (no funds are given in advance).

For more information, please contact us !

Step 1 : Send us your project proposal (by email), or post (the material will not be returned). Please include at least one recommendation letter by a professional, and your motivation abstract.

Step 2 : Accepted projects will receive a response by email within 3 weeks. We regret that we are unable to respond to all emails, as we have a very small team. However, the material

Step 3 : The artist(s) and the curator(s) participate together to the coordination and the production. L’appartement 22 has no permanent funding! Every project could produced with the support of private or public partners.

- L’appartement 22, 279 avenue Mohamed V, Rabat - Morocco
- Les résidences réalisées : Younès Rahmoun et Safaa Erruas (2002) ; Latifa Laabissi (2005) ; Seamus Farrell (2006) ; Matti Braun (2008) ; Katrin Meyer (2008), Yto Barrada (2009-2010), Mohssin Harraki, Mustapha Akrim, Younès Rahmoun.