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Le monde autour de vous (The World Around You)*
Project for the contribution of L’appartement 22 to the Brussels Biennial 1.
This Project is in process. Its production is in Bergen, Fez, Prishtina and Rabat. A screening and a radio studio will be on site in Brussels.

* Curated by Abdellah Karroum, in collaboration with Albert Heta & Vala Osmani and Anne Szefer Karlsen.

Artists : Hamdi Attia, Elodie Carré, Ninar Esber, Seamus Farrell, HC Gilje, Pedro Gómez-Egaña, Flaka Haliti, Agon Hamza, Fatmir Mustafa, Pascal Sémur, Batoul S’Himi,

PROJECTION à L’APPARTEMENT 22 TOUS LES JEUDI et VENDREDI de 19h00 à 21h00. RSVP au 063 59 82 88 ou mail : abdellah at appartement22 . com

vendredi 19 décembre 2008

Le monde autour de vous (The World Around You)*

Abdellah Karroum : The concept of an exhibition as an editorial proposition to appreciate within a specific time-frame, that of the visit to a temporary or permanent museum, is defined by the structure of the space, the vision of a committed curator, and by the tangible expression of the artwork. The duration of the work involved is generally longer than that of its exhibition.

Vue From the Apartment 22 Balcony, Rabat I consider Brussels Biennial to represent a space-time of dialogues that amplify the L’appartement 22 project, notably its committed and rhizomic character. The construction I proposed for the L’appartment 22 space within the Biennial is founded on three central elements : the origin, with the rallying architecture of the childhood home ; the network, with the invitation of two other structures (HKS from Northern Europe and Stacion from the East and the Balkans) ; and the encounter, with the dialogues for radio (R22-Brussels.info). These elements are united within a void like in an area of free circulation.

Barbara Vanderlinden’s choice of the word “structure” in the invitation stirs in me a desire to relate the exhibition space in Brussels to that of origins. The first visual emotions are situated in childhood, the childhood house and the landscape that surrounds it. I have constructed the exhibition space of L’appartement 22 at Brussels Biennial 1 on the model of my own childhood house. Watching the immigrants returning to the neighboring hills, I imagined that Europe was located on the other side of the mountain facing the village. It was in 1975, the year that this family portrait was taken (see photo). Today, I look to create links between this “original” space and the art with which I cohabit in the rest of the world.

L’appartement 22 proposes a program of multiple entries. The artistic project is constructed on a cooperative basis adopted by L’appartement 22 several years ago ; it applies an experimental approach to the production of and meeting with artworks.

It is about recreating the art space, rethinking its possible expressions and its networks around the finished product.

Considering the work of artists and the production of works as the prolongation of exchanges and of engagement with life in general, I suggested inviting two curators and their structures that interest me at this moment : Anne Szefer Karlsen (HKS, Bergen) and Albert Heta (Stacion, Prishtina).

Anne Szefer Karlsen : We all present and represent structures that belong, geographically and mentally. This belonging is accentuated by moving away. Whereas L’appartement 22 from Morocco and Stacion from Kosovo temporarily move to Brussels, HKS temporarily moves from Norway to Morocco.
This implies that both Bergen and Prishtina are emptied. This is not the case though : the structures are still there in the flesh, alive and breathing, and even growing because of the temporary displacement. HKS’ contribution thus claims that the idea of any structure is just as important as their actual existence. This is made visible by works of HC Gilje in the public space in Rabat, as well as streaming performances by Pedro Gómez-Egaña from Lot 219 in Fez and L’appartement 22 in Rabat as part of Brussels Biennial 1, something actual being transformed into something virtual.

Albert Heta & Vala Osmani : Stacion Center for Contemporary Art will export to Brussels two artists and two additional structures from Prishtina to be allocated in the Brussels Biennial structure and present one structure that is no longer here.

There would be one member of the Department for Social Critique, a structure that aims to function close to Stacion in exploiting issues that we find relevant for our context, and one artist from the program of Frizer Pantene, a contemporary art space created to function without a contemporary art structure.
Stacion Agnes was a place where Art is (was) made for friends. These artists were creating new contemporary art history for each other. Stacion “named” the first permanent contemporary art location in Prishtina. This exhibition, starting from 8 February 2007, was thought to be ever-present, for everyone. Stacion aims to bring these and much more to L’appartement 22 and Brussels.

* Curated by Abdellah Karroum, in collaboration with Albert Heta & Vala Osmani and Anne Szefer Karlsen.

Artists : Hamdi Attia, Ninar Esber, Seamus Farrell, HC Gilje, Pedro Gómez-Egaña, Flaka Haliti, Agon Hamza, La Cantine Populaire (Elodie Carré & Pascal Sémur), Fatmir Mustafa, Batoul S’Himi.

Program of L’appartement 22’s space in BB1 :

- Live streaming from L’appartement 22’s Workshop (Lot 219), Fez.
- Meetings in Brussels Biennial 1, Brussels
- Live streaming from L’appartement 22, Rabat.
- Broadcast from R22-Brussels studio, Brussels
- Dialogues with artists, curators and visitors of the BB1, Brussels.
- Live streaming from HKS, Bergen

Read more in Le Monde Autour de Vous website...

- Brussels Biennial 1 : www.brusselsbiennial.org

L’appartement 22, Lieu Indépendant pur la Création Contemporaine, Rabat, Morocco

Title : Le Monde Autour de Vous (The World Around You)

Curators : Abdellah Karroum (L’appartement 22, Rabat, Morocco) in collaboration with Albert Heta & Vala Osmani (Stacion, Prishtina, Kosovo) and Anne Szefer Karlsen (Hordaland Art Centre (HKS), Bergen, Norway).

Artists : Hamdi Attia, Elodie Carré & Pascal Sémur, Ninar Esber, Seamus Farrell, HC Gilje, Pedro Gómez-Egaña, Flaka Haliti, Agon Hamza, Fatmir Mustafa, Batoul S’Himi.

Venue : Post Sorting Center, Avenue Fonsnylaan 48, 1060 Brussels.

Organizers : Le Monde Autour de Vous is a co-production of L’appartement 22, Lieu Indépendant pour la Création with BEK, Bergen, Norway ; Bergen kommune, Seksjon for kunst og kultur, Bergen, Norway ; Éditions hors’champs, Paris, France ; Hordaland Art Centre (HKS), Bergen, Norway ; Janelly and Jean-René Fourtou Foundation, Marrakech, Morocco ; Ministry of Culture of Kosovo, Prishtina, Kosovo ; Office for Contemporary Art Norway, Oslo, Norway ; RADIOapartment22, Rabat, Morocco and Stacion, Prishtina, Kosovo.

Thanks to : Emma Chubb, Abderrahmane Essaidi, Mayra Henriques, Maria Lojo, Trond Lossius, Petra Rahm, Carme Romero, Stefan Törner.

Special thanks to : Artists, Ami Barak, Abdelkader Karroum, Sislej Xhafa.

- www.R22-Brussels.info