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"No Food for Visitors" / video and sound program 1429

jeudi 11 septembre 2008

"No Food for Visitors" is a night video and sound program all September 2008 at L’appartement 22, Curated by : Muriel Enjalran, Abdellah Karroum, Anne Szefer Karlsen. Listen to the presentation of the program by curators on R22-Rabat.

September 13th, 19th and 26th 2008 at 9:00 pm

- Anne Szefer Karlsen presents :

Photo copyright Bauerntheater, by Joe Dillworth

BAUERNTHEATER by David Levine.
In BAUERNTHEATER (“farmers’ theater”), an American method actor, who knows no German, has trained to play the role of a farmer in a German play.

After a month’s rehearsal in a New York studio, he was flown to the Biorama-Projekt Center in Brandenburg, Germany. There he was given two acres of land, and asked to be "in character" for 14 hours a day, for a month.

BAUERNTHEATER is concerned with global labor markets, with the perfomance of cultural tradition, with the representation of labor, with representation as labor, and with the troubled relationship of Endurance and Land Art to questions of "authenticity".

Thanks to : Aaron Moulton/Galerie Feinkost, Berlin.

September 19th 2008 (Galleries’ Night in Rabat)

- Abdellah Karroum presents :

JPG - 59 ko
Shezad D

Shezad Dawood, "For a few Rupies more", sound, 40 minutes.

September 26th 2008 at 10 pm

- Muriel Enjalran presents :

Julião Sarmento’s "Lacan’s Assumption", 2003, Video transferred to DVD, colour, sound, 12’ 07’ 20Fr. Edition : 12 + 3 A.P.
"The woman, subject and object of representation, is in the heart of Julião Sarmento’s work, revealing through her, the mechanisms of construction of archetypal images. In Lacan’s Assumption, four sequences or boards succeed one another staging the same young lady through different actions and sets..."
Read the article by Muriel Enjalran (in French).

Julião Sarmento, born in Lisbon (1948), studied painting and architecture at the Lisbon School of Fine Arts. He began exhibiting film, video, sound, painting, sculpture, installation and multimedia in the seventies, but also developed several significant site-specific projects.

- Anne Szefer Karlsen (1976, Halden, Norway) lives and works in Bergen, Norway.
- Muriel Enjalran, born in 1979 in France, is art critic and independent curator. At the same time she is also in charge of d.c.a projects / French Association for the Development of Art Centres.
Document (PDF - 39.6 ko)