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Hassan Darsi / "Family Portraits #5"

Saturday 18 October 2003

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Hassan Darsi / “Family Portraits #5”

Saturday 18 October 2003

Hassan Darsi Family Portraits #5 / Had Oualad Frej souk / L’appartement 22 / 30 August – 12 October 2003

At Abdellah Karroum’s invitation in the group of exhibitions “le bout du monde (the end of the world),” Hassan Darsi proposes to transport his “ambulant photography studio” in order to make family portraits. For the artist, it is the fifth series of “Family Portraits” – Schiedam 2001 (Holland), Casablanca 2002, CapTown (South Africa) 2003, and Malines (Beligum) 2003. This series takes place in the Had Oulad Frej souk (Doukkala region, granary of Morocco), the shots taken for the first time en plein air with people from the souk (marketplace) participating. Hassan Darsi’s set-up includes a backdrop, accessories, and photographic apparatuses. Natural light determines its orientation… A space for encounters (in the form of a construction tent) will take place each Sunday and will permit the public and the artist to discuss and prepare the photographs. It is an installation that interrogates the place of art in the lives of those living in Morocco’s rural regions. But the installation off the beaten track of contemporary art experiments with the formulation of artistic projects and their perception in a particular cultural context.

The souk’s passage is an experience tied to artistic activities, to the search for resources, to the experimentation of sites, of materials, and of alternative situations in order to encounter art and life. How to proceed in sites of collective life in order to create an event or to exchange ideas? It is a kind of laboratory. The souk’s passage proposes art in the souk or something else that people did not expect to buy; it interrupts their normal route. Leisure spaces exist on the periphery of the souks (la Halka). Resturant-tents are also sites for rest, encounters, and discussions… Over the past few years, convivial spaces have been introduced into art spaces. In investing in the restaurant-tent, it is a space of art that we introduce to the site of encounter.

///// The photography sessions take place on Sunday, 31 August, 7 September, and 14 September in the Hed Oulad Frej souk. ///// ///// The first exhibition of the family portraits will open on Sunday, 21 September in the Hed Oulad Frej souk. The exhibition will continue during the souk in the converted tent. ///// ///// Sunday, 28 September 2003 will be the inauguration of the exhibition’s second component at L’appartement 22 in Rabat beginning at 10h. The tent that witnessed the expedition #5/Family Portraits will be installed in downtown Rabat for the day during the opening. The exhibition will be open until 10 October. ///// ///// The project will include meetings proposed by Hassan Darsi and Abdellah Karroum about different subjects (What is the discourse about art in Morocco, the work of the artist in question: between reality and utopia…). /////

Visitor information:

///// Curated by Abdellah Karroum and Florence Renault ///// Assistants: Youssef Ferzaz and Rachid L’Mouddene ///// Internet/website: Pascal Sémur ///// L’appartement 22 is located at 279, avenue Mohamed V in Rabat.