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Biography | Liliana Basarab

Monday 15 January 2007
LILIANA BASARAB Born 1979, Galati, Romania Live and works in Iasi/Romania and Paris. E-mail: lilianabasarab@yahoo.com Phone: +33629482073 Education: 2002 graduated Art University, Iasi, Romania. 2002-2004 M.A in Contemporary Art, Art University, Iasi, Romania. Residencies: 2005-2006, residence at Palais de Tokyo, Paris 2004, April-May, W 139, Amsterdam 2003, November-December, Soumenlinna, Helsinki, Finland Upcoming: 2006 ’Pawel Althamer show’ ( title in progress), group show, Espace 315, Pompidou Centre Selected shows: 2006 ’Terra incognita’ - ’The Koki Tanaka show’, live projection in Palais de Tokyo, France and Malba, Buenos Aires, ’ His life is full of miracles..’, animation videoteque, Site Gallery, Sheffield, England ’La cabanne/the hut’, curated by Pascal Beausse, Palais de Tokyo, Paris ’ Radio kills the video stars’, curated by Francois Quintin and Laurence Drayfus, Frac Champagne Ardenne, Reims, France 2005 ’Laicitate and complicitate’, insert in newpaper, with Costel Chirila and Dragos Platon, curated by Cosmin Costinas, Bucharest ’1 m =100 cm’, curated by Ewa Dominiak, Poznan, Poland ‘Tee and video!’ Locus Athens, curated by Maria-Thalia Carras and Sophia Tournikiotis Truth/s; Imagine beauty! 2020 home gallery, Bucharest, (solo) 2004 ’From A to B’, Brincusi Center, Chisinev ’Violence of tone’, W139 gallery, Amsterdam, curated by Anders Kreuger 2003 ’Forces of Light’, Augusta gallery, Soumenlinna, Helsinki ’CarbonArt’, Chishinev, Republic of Moldova, curated by Lilia Dragneva ’PROPHETIC REMIX’, National Museum for Contemporary Art, Kalinderu MediaLab, Bucharest, curated by Anders Kreuger ’PROPHETIC CORNERS’, 6’th Periferic Biennial,Turkish Bath,Iasi curated by Anders Kreuger ’Searching...mental location’, video&sound ambient, 6’th Periferic Biennial, Public Bath, Iasi with Matze, Oana Felipov, Dragos Platon and Aurel Cornea ’Meeting places 2’, installation, holl of the student Building, Iasi ’ATTITUDES project’, work-in-progress, SKC Gallery, Belgrade ’Meeting places 1’, installation, hall of the student Building, Iasi 2002 ’Kunst’, work-in-progress, Palace of Culture, Iasi, with Dragos Alexandrescu, Aurel Cornea,Oana Felipov,Dragos Platon ’Lirysm, anxiety and other stories’, Galeria gallery, Bucharest, curated by Matei Bejenaru ’Videomarathon’, Odeon cinema, Chishinev, Republic of Moldova ’Kunst’, work-in-progress, Atas gallery Cluj with Dragos Alexandrescu, Aurel Cornea, Oana Felipov, Dragos Platon ’>’, Eforie gallery, Bucharest, with VECTOR group ’Inside’, Student Festival, Timisoara 2001 ’Periferic 5’, performance, Turkish Bath, Iasi, with Aurel Cornea, curated by Matei Bejenaru ’Beauty mark’ (solo), DIA projection and sound S.P.A.C.E. Gallery, Bucharest, curated by Irina Cios’Frontiera 2’, ’Beauty mark’, performance, Public Bath, Iasi, Romania